Can Bisquerra: Long established, traditional and artisan bakery

If you wish to buy Mallorcan ensaimadas made in a traditional way, Can Bisquerra can offer you our most outstanding speciality: home baked, authentic and absolutely delicious ensaimadas. We have a wide range of ensaimadas for you, from the classic squash jam filled version to custard cream, almond, apricot, apple filled…and many more varieties!

Making ensaimadas and pastries since 1927

In Can Bisquerra we have been making and selling delicious ensaimadas and pastries since 1927. Years and years of work guarantee our products as traditional, artisan and always a complete success. If you wish to learn more about our experience as bakers of ensaimadas and pastries, you can take a look here at the history of Can Bisquerra.

Can Bisquerra: much more than ensaimadas

Due to our long experience we are able to make other delicious products such as sweet buns and personalized cakes.