Sweet pastries

Can Bisquerra is known for its wide range of pastry products. And if you can find a particular product on this list, we have a service of customized cakes to make your life a little bit sweeter.

Assorted tarts ~ Customized cakes ~ Lemon Meringue Pie ~ Assorted puff pastries ~ Meringues ~ Fruit tarts ~ Assorted Swiss Rolls ~ Assorted cakes

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Because you don’t always fancy something sweet, we can also offer you typical savoury and artisan pastries.

Vegetables on a pastry base ~ Pasties ~ Local pasties ~ Assorted baguettess

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Our loose products

If you are looking for loose pastry products, we can offer you the following range of specialities.

Medritxos ~ Soplados ~ Christmas sweet pastries ~ Palm shaped pastries ~ Portions of cake

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