Can Bisquerra: products based on experience and family tradition

It all began in 1927 when Lorenzo Amengual Barcelo, originally from Caimari and great grandfather of the current owners of Can Bisquerra, rented a bakery in Jonquet Street in Pollensa.

Can Bisquerra started life as a family business: Lorenzo, his sons and his sister worked there. Although over time this small business moved to another premises, it maintained its family based atmosphere which is still the case today in Can Bisquerra.

Different generations of Lorenzos have managed the business over this time. A long history which contains many smaller stories. For example, the story of how one of the Lorenzos of Can Bisquerra – which is how they are known as in Pollensa – and father of the present owner, made a cake for the Queen of England; this happened when he went to Montreal in Canada in the fifties to perfect his baking techniques and is just one anecdote among many…

Many things have happened during this time: new products, customers and specialities and the move to the present bakery in Jonquet Street. However, some things never change: The excellence and artisan tradition of the ensaimadas which is a legacy which has remained unaltered to this day.

This is, in actual fact, the reason for our reputation as one of the best bakeries to buy authentic ensaimadas from Mallorca. Can Bisquerra’s fame is international as can be seen from this review of our ensaimadas fron Mallorca (link) published by the prestigious The Boston Globe.